Coming Up: 2970 Degrees

Coming to the Gold Coast from 26 to 28 June is 2970 Degrees – The Boiling Point, which bills itself as three days of simmering thought and action; three days of exhibitions, performances, provocations and conversations.Compounded by innovation and imagination, 2970 Degrees will be the interface between arts, science, technology, architecture, politics and culture. This is a place for scientists, futurists, activists, artists, social change agents, cultural workers, academics and anyone with a curious mind.

The event is presented by the City of Gold Coast with event organisation by David Pledger, director of the pioneering interdisciplinary arts company, not yet it’s difficult. Joining them is a distinguished list of keynote speakers covering science and art, technology and art, architecture and art and activism and art. Of special mention by this author, is the involvement of the indomitable Stelarc.

2970 Degrees is designed to respond to major technological advances and how we make sense of them in our daily lives. These advances have heralded seismic cultural shifts, as artists inhabit new and exciting schools of thought and action, blending technology, the sciences, activsim and architecture with art. Now more than never, art does not exist in a bubble. 2970° aims to harness this cross-sector engagement and the new knowledge that is being produced, to benefit and positively affect our creative future.

Although seeming like a conference, 2970 Degrees is anything but. While there are four keynote speakers, at the heart of the event is a wide variety of local artists and cultural operators tasked with responding to each presentation and processing those meanings for their work, their local context and their broader social and global contexts. In this way, the event attempts locate the local within the national and international. For registration details:

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